Who We Are

BGTA deals with Common Problems of Goods Transporters and takes the issues of policy matters to concerned Ministries and State/Central Govt. Departments such as Minister of Surface Transport, Home Ministry, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Minister of Finance, Minister of Labour, Transport Commissioners, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, Tariff Advisory Committee, etc. Besides BGTA looks after grievances of its members pertaining to day to day difficulties concerning Local and State Level authorities such as BMC, Labour Commissioner and Police Department.

BGTA has its own website namely BGTA also has its bimonthly House Journal “BGTA TIMES”. Besides BGTA publishes RED ALERT to highlight the Highway related crimes concerning its members. The Red Alert goes to All Concerned Ministries, Prime Minister of India, Chief Ministers of States, Police Head Quarters, Mantralaya and Media, besides all BGTA Members. BGTA also disseminate information on transport trade regularly to its members via BGTA COMMUNICATION.


To provide sustainable and increasing value to clients, shareholders and staff, through a business model that continually innovates in all that it does.


To be recognised as a global partner that provides excellence in the delivery of subsurface engineering solutions.

Aims & Objectives

  • To represent to the Government or other authorities for the constructions, maintenance and improvement of motorable roads in the country.
  • To represent to the Government for the construction of the bridges, waiting rooms, parking places and other structures tending to assist the convenience.
  • To discuss, support and oppose any legislative or executive measures by all legitimate and constitutional means which affect or likely to affect the motor trade.
  • To guard and defend all lawful legitimate rights and privileges of transport fraternity.
  • To take up, consider, discuss and put forward the view points of the Motor Transport, trade on any question generally affecting the trade by organizing, promoting, attending conferences, organizing lectures, seminars and other useful symposiums.
  • To arbitrate disputes among its members and their client where its assistance in that matter is sought and to secure services of expert technical and other men of experience to that and it necessary ad desirable.
  • To cater for the social and economic welfare of its members.