Standing Seam Roofing System

A standing seam metal roof system is one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry. So when your design requires a roofing system that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound, choose standing seam roofing systems.

We offer technologically advanced concealed fixed and zipped-up standing seam system that creates a continuous weather tight roof. The side laps are zipped-up in conjunction with a unique clip system that is fixed directly to the supporting structure without penetrating the external weather sheets. This method of secret fixing creates a structurally sound roof construction that provides excellent resistance to wind uplift and completely eliminates chance of leakage. Products offers outstanding design potential, performance & durability. This product is an high performance roofing & walling system which is used in the most demanding environments & projects.

A Standing Seam Roofing system can be anything from a simple single-skin solution to a sophisticated high performance system that incorporates integral components and accessories. Depending on the supporting structure and each individual application, the roof configuration can be adapted to suit the precise requirements of the building, such as design, snow and wind loading, and performance targets.

Standing seam roof systems are available in a multitude of configurations to cater to the most challenging architectural design or most exacting performance requirements.

Standing roof constructions can be modified to accommodate various acoustic performance requirements, by incorporating other layers such as high density insulation, acoustic boards and flexible membranes. By using its different system variations Standing Seam Roof can assist in achieving the right sound reduction and/or absorption levels required for specific applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior standing seam system
  • Provides a continuous weathertight roof
  • Internal liner can be smooth curved
  • Cost effective construction solution
  • Airtight construction reduces plant running costs and CO2 emissions
  • Excellent resistance to wind uplift
  • Fully complies with proposed Building Regulations
  • Available in aluminium or steel
  • Wide range of colors and finishes available
  • Fully integrates with roof lights and accessories
  • Simple Fastrack installation